Thursday, December 3, 2009

Things I Want - Super Mario Galaxy 2

I am personally a lover of all Mario games (as I'm sure 99% of the world is as well). I've recently been playing Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii a hole heck of a lot. I've actually managed to finish it, mainly due in part to the lack of a social life (joke).

After defeating it, I went online to look up a few titles on my Gamefly account and noticed a Super Mario Galaxy 2 due to be released sometime in 2010. Count me excited.
Its reported that the sequel will have more Mario-options such as mario can now drill through the worlds he encounters, and a few hidden other changes (my favorite is bee-mario. He's so cute).

If you haven't played the original I recommend it. Its a fun game with some challenges, but not enough to get you frustrated. If you're unsure then my best suggestion would be to join Gamefly (kind of like Netflixs but with video games) and do their free ten day trial and try the game out for yourself.

Do you guys have any favirote video games you want to share?