Saturday, May 17, 2008

"You show my continents
I see the Islands.
You count the centuries.
I blink my eyes.
Hooks and spears
Raise in my waters"

-Bjork from Oceania


Don't you just love that lyric? That whole song by Bjork is amazing in my mind. She even has a small chorus that does odd sounds in the pauses of the song masking you think of the swarms of fish.

But none the less, I'm not here to write about Bjork, as much as I love her.

This song has inspired me, well to be honest its inspired for this entire week. Many of you may not know, but I am a "song writer". I usually walk around my apartment all day singing, and coming up with lyrics.

If I think the lyrics are good enough, I get the balls to sit down at the computer and type them up.

I just wrote a song called Iapetus, named after a moon around Saturn (and the Titan who defied Uranus). I won't bore you with a copy of the song here, but to say the least I think its my best written work.

I tried to get the ideals of using words to invoke imagery. But not being to blunt about it.

But besides for the break through in creativity, nothing much is going on in my side of the suburbs. The mother is in town, so thats means a crazy run around of errands and seeing people I rarely see.

Today we got the car work on, as exciting as that sounds.

But the highlight of my day is dinner with the boyfriend at the Grand Buffet.

Besides for that, I've got nothin'

Any0-hoo, just to entertain yourself here is the video for Bjork's Oceania.