Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oh, The Sunshine

I've always thought it was important to take a vacation right before summer. The prices are usually MUCH cheaper, and they're less tourist mucking about. So, in my tradition of a May-cation (a vacation in May) I headed down to Florida to visit my parents whom live there.

Now before you read on you should know that I'm not exactly a Florida person. I hate the sun (due to my pale skin), I hate sweating, I hate large insects, and I hate horrid drivers. Florida, unfortunately, has all these things. However, this vacation was an excuse to get away from home for a short while and see my parents.

Florida is a land of "communities", basically meaning that there are almost no neighborhoods per-say. Most people live in "gated communities" and in between these "gated communities" is a whole lot of nothing. Now coming from a city like Buffalo, which is chocked full of neighborhoods and different districts, I found the whole place so oddly set up. It didn't help that all the streets are numbered, not actually named. So I frequently got last when I meant to take 101st Avenue, but there were 101st St, 101st Rd, 101st Blvd etc etc.

I did however manage to jet ski and "island hop" while in Florida. My parents own two jet ski's, and its usually their staple entertainment on a hot (and by hot I mean 95 and not a cloud in the sky) afternoon. We rode up and down the international coast way, hoping from island to island and basking in the sun. I myself sat under a tree with 45spf on my face, and 35spf on every square inch of my body haha.

It was relaxing, not really having to worry about work, or home, or whatever small things that get in my way. I did miss my boyfriend terribly though. I'm a big affection person, and not having someone to hug or hold hands with for a week was taxing on my mind.

Overall the trip was wonderful, I got to spend time with my parents, get away from the stresses of a normal life, and just be- well, be me. Here are some pictures from the trip.